by Cryfemal


CRYFEMAL (Spa) "Raising Deads... Buring Alives!!!"
WPCDr001 - album CDr (slim case)
Limited to 500 copies - :: released together with Oniric Rec. ::

Line up of this recording

Ebola: All Instruments, Vocals

Track list:

1. The Beginning Of The End!!! 01:39
2. Unbelievable Storm In Holy Circle!!! 04:31
3. Iberian Werewolf Warriors!!! 08:15
4. Arrival Of Unholy Knights!!! 03:31
5. The Sky Burns!!! 05:09
6. Macabre Suicide!!! 04:48
7. Walking With The Deads!!! 02:16
8. Disturbed Conscious Death!!! 02:32
9. Hate The Opposite!!! 03:17

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released September 1, 2003



War Productions Portugal

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