by Lux Ferre


Track List

A01 - A Luz Ofuscante da Verdade
A02 - Não Há Salvação
A03 - A Lenta Adaga da Morte
A04 - Caos no Meu Sangue

B01 - Canção da Loucura
B02 - Miséria
B03 - Mundo das Sombras
B04 - Sob o Véu da Ignorância

War Productions is proud to announce the tape version of the Portuguese veteran Black Metal act Lux Ferre - “Excaecatio Lux Veritatis”. This special edition will be limited to 100 hand-numbered copies with professionally recorded black cassette with white print. It is boxed in a black card “brad pak” with a hand-painted sigil and features a double-sided foldable 20x20cm black-and-white insert with lyrics in the Portuguese language and artwork by the Czech artist Vojtěch Moonroot Doubek.
Feel free to contact War Productions via message or email.
Few trades will be done and only against pro tape releases.
Retail price is 5 euros plus postage.

Contact: warproductions@gmail.com


released April 22, 2016



War Productions Portugal

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physical copies, the easiest and cheapest way is to email warproductions@gmail.com


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